Single Lock Records Double Release Party w/ CHA WA & THE PINE HILL HAINTS!! w/ Special Guests Speckled Bird!

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May 15, 2021

Show: 9:00 pm

Tickets: $12

Three incredible bands, one incredible night to celebrate!

Single Lock Records & Alabama Music Box present:

CHA WA and THE PINE HILL HAINTS Double Album Release Party! with special guest Speckled Bird


The Grammy Nominated Band’s new album “My People” is available now on Single Lock Records

New Orleans brass band-meets-Mardi Gras Indian outfit Cha Wa radiates the energy of the city’s street culture. Their Grammy-nominated album “Spyboy”​ is a modern mix of fiery, toe-tapping sounds​. ​Popmatters​ describes the band as “a grand gumbo of singing, intoxicating rhythms, and deep funk grooves that are impossible to resist.”

“Cha Wa, with bass lines played on sousaphone plus trumpet and two trombones, bring the city’s brass band tradition to bear. Add sick jazz-funk guitar, and two frontmen in full-beaded holiday regalia, and the result was a portable Mardi Gras Dance Party!” – Rolling Stone

“I​’ve seen the future of New Orleans music and its name is Cha Wa.” – ​Paste
“Cha Wa blends Mardi Gras Indian tradition and modern pop magic.” – ​No Depression


This will be their OFFICIAL album release show and their new album “The Song Companion of a Lonestar Cowboy” on Single Lock Records is available May 15th!

Amongst many of the Native American tribes of North America, the word for “prayer” and the word for “song” were the same… the Haints are a collection of skaters and wayfarers who have dedicated their lives to these things— trying to master the art of indigenous music from the earth and country itself.

The Haints have performed thousands of shows in the last few decades, calling our music “Alabama Ghost Country”-a vague term that invokes the spirit of Ireland, of Africa, of Appalachia, of the Choctaw and the Cherokee, of old time reels and jigs, and American Rock n Roll.

The Haints have recorded and released a dozen albums, some for the legendary indie label K (Beck, Modest Mouse), some self released on Arkam (our label), some on nameless anarchist and punk collectives. We have toured the US and Canada and Europe countless times; we have worked extensively in Japan as well— but always humbly playing music from the soil.

From the soul. The people’s music. Rendered through traditional mediums like the washtub bass or the singing saw, we combine it with digital echo and dusty cables, modern technique and noise that crackles like electric spider webs.

— Jamie Barrier of the Pine Hill Haints


“Speckled Bird was proudly conceived over evening recording sessions at Portside Sound in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Most of the band resides just over the river in Florence. Led by songwriter Adam Morrow, the group is made up of members of Belle Adair, Alabama Shakes, Della Ray, and John Paul White‘s touring outfit. Speckled Bird is music meant for big spaces, open windows on highways, and headphones turned loud. Songs of defiance, songs of catharsis. Their debut EP was released in July 2020 on Single Lock Records.”

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602