All booking is done via EMAIL. Please do not call the venue for booking. Booking agents and promoters do not work on site and the bartenders, sound guy, door guy, or managers do not book shows and will not be able to help you. Even though we are open 7 days a week, our bar staff has little to do with venue booking operations beyond promoting your show once booked.

Please understand if you do not receive a reply from us as it is sometimes difficult to answer all inquiries due to volume. If we do not reply, please take that as a respectful no and try again in the future. We do our best to answer every email with at least a “not available” reply. As a venue owned and operated by touring musicians, we understand you spend a lot of time writing venues and promoters trying to fill dates on tour and we do our best to let you know if you need to look elsewhere and what other options you have in town.

If you are an out-of-town band with no history in Mobile we recommend, insist almost, that you reach out to one of the local bands before contacting us. While we exist in Mobile’s downtown entertainment district, we are still destination specific on week nights(especially for shows with cover charges) and even some weekends without local support. Our friends run a bar next door and as much as it pains us, people will sit over there and wait until we stop charging a cover before they come over if there is no history with the band or if there is no local on the bill. Before writing us, please contact a local and have them help you build the show. Otherwise there is a good chance you will show up and play to no one despite our best efforts.

Unfortunately we are the ONLY venue in town that will do smaller weekday shows but if you need a weekend, and we are not available, try the Blind Mule or Satori coffee house. There are also some kids who throw some pretty good, donation only, house shows. If you’re looking for a quick pick up between New orleans and Florida, try one of the venues in Ocean Springs Mississippi or Sluggos in Pensacola. Sluggos will feed you and they are incredibly sweet people.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in playing our room and for taking the time to write. If it doesn’t work out with us, best of luck in finding a venue close by and please do not hesitate to write us in the future. Thanks again!


12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602