Goodwin Rainer Album Release w/ Flying Raccoon Suit, Joystick, and Future Hate at The Box!

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August 27, 2021

DOORS | 8:00 PM

Show: 9:00 pm

Tickets: $10

Doors at 8
Music at 9
18+ $10
Goodwin Rainer (Mobile, AL)
“‘Damn Good Friends’ (out August 13) is an explosive musical blend of styles rooted in country and punk with lots of bells and whistles while the lyrics explore themes of adulthood, work, gigging as a band, and the South with brutal honesty and lots of earnest harmonies from the band. Damn Good Friends is a reckless sonic road trip full of aggressive but tender songs about working class struggle and chasing the rock band dream via friendship.” -Nascar Noir
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Flying Raccoon Suit (South Mississippi)
Indie-ska from Mississippi! New album “Afterglow” available now!
“The whole album is framed in whimsical, poetic lyrics and incredibly talented musicianship. It’s not impressive, it’s game changing. Taking inspiration from their own life they put it all out there to show you ‘There is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, the afterglow.'” -Rory Wix
Joystick (New Orleans, LA)
“Joystick! doesn’t merely play Ska and Punk – they inhabit it. Built on laser tight rhythms, infectious vocals, and a fierce brass section, Joystick calls up the spirit of 90’s ska/punk while still retaining a strong sense of their New Orleans roots, creating a unique sound all their own. Bombastic but never pretentious, fun but never lazy, intense …but never serious, Joystick combines Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Jazz to create something that’s genuinely lacking in a great deal of modern music: joy.”
“I Can’t Take It Anymore” available NOW on Bad Time Records & Stomp Records
Future Hate (Mobile, AL)
“Future Hate are a tempestuous band with a great gusto and devouring accent. They hail from Mobile, AL and spit forth their noise with great punked venom and really make a confounding cacophony to be reckoned with” -David (Fungal Punk)
Check out their new split EP with No Matrix!

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602