Cory Michaelis & Andrew Rivers LIVE

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February 20, 2022


Show: 7:00 am

Tickets: $12 -$30

Comedians Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis perform in Mobile, AL at ALABAMA MUSIC BOX.
Andrew Rivers and Cory Michaelis team up for the Bald and Beautiful tour so they’re not so lonely on the road.. Who’s bald and who’s beautiful is up to you. This tour is self produced so 100% of ticket sales go to the artist. Way to support the arts!
After teaching high school for 12 years, Cory Michaelis “retired” to do comedy full time because he wanted to try out both of the lowest paying jobs in America. Now in his 12th year as a comedian (he’s not THAT old…there was some overlap)
Cory has a Dry Bar Comedy Special – “Bad Teacher” – that snagged over 60 million views. His debut album, “The Collage Dropout,” charted at #2 on iTunes & Billboard (because it was the only album released that week). Cory was a finalist in the Seattle Comedy Competition which means he didn’t win and was in Season 2 of Netflix’s “Huge in France” with Gad Almelah.
His act is sharp and irreverent and not suitable for the high school students he used to teach.
Andrew’s very personal and fun storytelling comedy, combined with his exemplary work ethic has earned him high praise from some of the best comedians in the business. Andrew is a regular opener for Christopher Titus and has toured across North America and Europe with Steve Hofstetter.
Andrew was featured in the popular “Truth or Drink” webseries from Buzzfeed and his Dry Bar Comedy Special has over 15 million views on facebook. His YouTube pandemic special in 2020 hit 100k views in the first two months and his debut album from 800 lb Gorilla Records “For the Wrong Reasons” released worldwide on October 19th.
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Q: What is this event?
A: We’re comedians. Buy a ticket, and we will tell you jokes. You sit and drink and laugh and buy a t-shirt and then you go home and tell your friends you saw a famous guy (and Andrew).
Q: Are y’all funny?
A: We’ve been doing comedy professionally for 12 years. Most nights it goes well. Check out a video and decide:
Q: Is there a break?
A: The show is continuous and runs 90 minutes.
Q: Is the show Family Friendly?
A: Depends how cool your family is. Your middle schooler might not get the jokes but the jokes will be nothing worse than they’ve heard on a school bus. There will be some R-rated material.
Q: What is the age limit?
A: Please check with the venue.
Q: Will drinks be available?
A: Yes! Check out the venue’s website for a menu!
Q: Where is the venue?
A: Oh boy… new to the internet? That’s cool, just click the venue’s name above and it’ll have an address there.
Q: Where do I find tickets?
A: There’s literally a button that says find tickets on this page.
Q: Can I be on the show?
A: Probably not! Are you a professional comedian? Send us a tape and we can chat. But we usually bring a friend to open the show for us.
Q: What time do doors open?
A: It depends but generally an hour before showtime.
Q: Can my business get involved?
A: Yes! Please email us if you want to sponsor the event.
Q: OMG y’all are famous. Can I touch you?
A: Free meet and greets after the show for everybody.
Q: Explain the ticket types?
A: If there are early bird tickets, those are cheap, first come, first serve tickets for people on a budget or people without commitment issues. Some venues don’t let us do it.
General Admission is just a ticket to the show.
VIP ticket will reserve you a ticket close to the front and we’ll give you a free beer koozie and album at the show. Most of it is available for free on the internet anyway, but this is basically a way of throwing us some extra cash because you feel like it. Plus you don’t have to go scouring the internet to find it.
100% of the profits from ticket sales go to the artist.
Q: Do I need proof of vaccination? FREEDOM!
A: It’s not up to us.

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602