CARRELLE SCALE OF DREAMS Tour +Cittàgazze and Cavae Mundi

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March 9, 2023


Show: 9:00 pm

CARRELLEE: Scale Of Dreams is the noir, synth-pop debut from Wisconsin songwriter, Negative Gain artists, Carrellee (she/her). With co-producer Brett Bullion (Low, Poliça), Carrellee overlays delicately, sensual vocals over a wall of scorched synths and processed tapes. Her evolving sound “deeply electronic, yet also stepped in the organic and the mystic” took shape during her divorce from her long-time folk duo, and personal partner. Carrellee is the newest signing to Negative Gain Records, a Chicago based label with recent releases from Curse Mackey (Pigface and Thrill Kill Kult), Josie Pace and Information Society. You’re definitely not going to want to miss her performance!
Cittàgazze: Mobile Alabama natives, Cittàgazze (pronounced “chi ta GAT zeh”) are one of the newer acts to come out of the Mobile music scene. The band consists of Anjruw Mccarthy (Guitar, Vox), Michael Beatty (Lead guitar, Vox), Mason Wiseman (Bass), Josh Vaughn (Drums), and Sam Anthony (Synth, Guitar). The band is very heavily influenced by the genres of Shoegaze, Dreampop, LoFi, and New wave and strive to make the best music they can. you won’t want to miss their these guys, come see why “We Write About Music” said: “they caught our attention instantly and we’ve been nothing but impressed.”.
Cavae Mundi: Cavae Mundie (Pronounced Cav-aye Moon-dee) is a musical project from the mind of Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist Zachary Huot. Forming in Pensacola, Florida in May of 2019, Cavae Mundi (of Latin origin meaning “Hollow World” is and Indie Psychedelic project combining elements of Jazz, Psychedelia, Blues, and many other different genres. Make sure to check them out and give them a warm welcome to Mobile

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602