Cancer Benefit Show. Artists. Raffle. Bands Late.

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September 14, 2019


Show: 7:00 pm

Tickets: $12 SUGGESTED DONATION at the door. More or less accepted!

Our dear friend Maddy Gavaletz is putting this event together to raise funds to help her step-mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
Here, in her own words, is a summary of her family’s current situation:

“On April 30th my stepmom, Kären, went to the doctor thinking that her psoriasis had spread down to her female parts. She had a biopsy done that day and very soon after our family was hit with the news that she’d been diagnosed with stage IV vulvar cancer. With this news we were also informed that the cancer had spread throughout her lymphatic system as well. Her right lymph node in her pelvic area was immediately removed, along with her right outer labia, and one of her fallopian tubes.

While the original prognosis wasn’t looking very bright, we’ve remained optimistic as this form of cancer is so rare there aren’t many cases to base this off. Kären has thus far been through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation with the radiation hitting her at 21 points from her chest down. We will not have an updated prognosis until the beginning of October.

Since her first surgery, Kären has been unable to work so all living expenses and medical bills have rested solely on my dad’s shoulders. This benefit is not only to help my family financially, but also to lift their spirits and to celebrate life! Please join us September 14th for an all-around good time and celebration of not only Kären’s life, but all life in general!

All proceeds will be donated to my dad and stepmom 😊”

6pm Doors
$12 Suggested donation (comes with a raffle ticket if you pay $12 or more). You can give less or more. anything helps!

7pm-9pm We will have vendors set up, an art show, and raffle!

All vendors & artists will be donating items to the raffle ~ Rachel Robinson, Emily Dearmon, OG Threadz, Nancy Roberts, Nicholas Eberlein, Drew Magnuson, Allyson Clements, Ryan Johnson, Patrick Tucker, CW Neese & AJ Ludlow.

Music from 9pm-til:
Emily Davis and the Murder Police (El Paso)
Interior Decorating (New Orleans)
Scraepers Papers (Mobile)

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602