Speck + Nikki Hill at Alabama Music Box!

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February 21, 2020

DOORS | 8:00 PM

Show: 9:00 pm

Tickets: $5


Speck was a band of immigrants from various corners of the globe who all, some way or another, ended up in Lower Alabama. Each member took his beliefs, values, and personal philosophy and incorporated them into Speck’s music. The results happened to be songs that popular bands of various genres had already created. What are the odds of that?

From 1997-2004, Speck was one of the most sought after party bands in the southeast, playing bars, beach houses, theaters, fraternity/sorority parties, high school proms, weddings, golf tournaments, college pep rallies, and anywhere else that would pay.

Speck disbanded in 2004 and some of its members moved far, far away from the Gulf Coast. Now, for one night only, the full lineup from the 2002-03 era of Speck will converge on downtown Mobile, dust off the horns, and give it one more go at the Alabama Music Box following the Crewe of Columbus parade. Schedule your babysitter and polish up your old dancing shoes! We’re gettin’ old!

Featured members for this show are:

Jerry Bates – Bari Sax
Casey Carrigan – Trombone/Vocals
Chris “Snoopy” Carrigan – Guitar
Patrick Dungan – Vocals/Alto Sax
Patrick Gormandy – Trumpet
Peter Histing – Alto Sax/Vocals
Shane Palmer – Drums
Christian Wimberly – Bass


Raised in the church choir and steeped in R&B and garage rock rumble, Nikki Hill is a spitfire with the soul-drenched voice of Etta James and the tattooed, beehived-hair aura of Cramps’ guitarist Poison Ivy. ‘Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists’ is a showcase for Nikki’s unfettered versatility, whether it’s the debauched bluster of “Struttin'”, the Stonesy barn-burning blues of “(Let Me Tell You ‘Bout) LUV”, or the touching soul ballad “Nothin’ With You”.

The response has been ecstatic, and now the band tours the globe relentlessly, stunning audiences with their muscular sound, Matt’s volcanic leads, and, of course, Nikki’s inimitable charisma.

Praise for Nikki Hill:
“The fast-rising, hard-charging, 20-something, North Carolina born-and-bred singer Nikki Hill has more than earned her evocative “Southern Fireball” moniker. ” — LA Weekly

“If Tina Turner and Little Richard had a daughter and raised her with the help of uncles James Brown and Chuck Berry, she’d be like Nikki Hill.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Hill is a petite powerhouse, with a booming voice that is as sweet and luscious as it is gritty and raw.” — Portland Monthly

“Channels such rhythm and blues greats as LaVern Baker, Etta James and Ruth Brown–with a little Sam Cooke and Solomon Burke thrown in for good measure. Hill is the real deal…steeped in gospel and soul, wrapped up in a punk rock DIY ethic.” — Time Out Los Angeles

“A rich, sultry voice…weaned on the church choir and burnished by an enthusiast’s love of good music.” — Indy Week

“The newest roots singer is hurtling through the entertainment stratosphere as we speak, and all systems indicate she isn’t heading back to earth anytime soon. Already folks are running around thinking Nikki Hill is out of this world.”
– Taste Makers Grand Rapids

“If vocal gifts can get you to the top, a powerful stage presence can keep you there. And Hill has plenty of charisma….”
– Taste Makers Grand Rapids

“With her stylish, quasi-retro look, 27-year-old Nikki Hill can make you think it’s a hothouse Saturday night in 1954 one minute. Then, with the wave of a finger, it’s no less than the very moment at hand. The sound accompanying that look is an earthy, uplifting foraging through an array of styles — rockabilly shouts, Southern blues, Sunday morning gospel, rebel punk and pretty much anything with roots. Deep roots.” – The Bloomington Pantagraph

“Nikki Hill molds herself in own image”
– Chicago Tribune

“Just try to keep up with her”
– LA Weekly

“The fast-rising, hard-charging, 20-something, North Carolina born-and-bred singer Nikki Hill has more than earned her evocative “Southern Fireball” moniker. ”
– LA Weekly

“If there has been a better original blues bopper released this year than “I Got A Man”, I haven’t heard it yet. Great vocal delivery against some ace lead guitar work.”
– UK Rock N Roll Magazine

12 S Conception St, Mobile, AL 36602